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Cosmetic Treatment with Botox

Order Botox online Initially, Botox has been used only for therapeutic purposes. However, while treating blepharospasm by means of administering botulinum toxin in the eye muscle, the scientists noticed that the substance smoothed out the under-eye wrinkles so that the patients acquired a younger appearance. It has set a start to a cosmetic era of Botox for the elimination of mimic wrinkles with the aim of facial rejuvenation.

The above-mentioned moment introduced Botox into cosmetology. These days, it is extensively used for wrinkle reduction on the forehead, nose bridge, and near the eye. Moreover, it is applied to correct the skin imperfections in the lower third of the face (however, please note that the wrong application of Botox may temporarily hurt the facial expression of a patient).Order Botox online

So, here is the list of the most common Botox injection sites:

  • Forehead;
  • Glabellar region;
  • Periorbital area;
  • Perioral area.

Please note: The usage of Botox for cosmetic purposes requires a doctor to be specially trained, skilled, and experienced. Otherwise, there is a possibility to relax the wrong muscle, which might harm a patient’s appearance, create facial asymmetry, make mouth corners drop, and so on. Thus, injections of botulin toxin require excellent knowledge of human anatomy.Order Botox online

It is also important to understand that botulin toxin is not able to smooth out static wrinkles completely. In other words, it cannot eliminate deep skin imperfections that occurred as a result of natural aging (namely, the decrease of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the dermal tissues). However, botulinotherapy is very effective in treating dynamic wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones.

Please note: If a patient needs to eliminate static wrinkles rather than dynamic ones, injections of dermal fillers might be considered.

Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosisBotox for hyperhidrosis

Wrinkle smoothing is not the only application of Botox therapy. In addition, botulin toxin is also used to temporarily weaken the activity of sweat glands, and, therefore, solve the unpleasant problem of excessive sweating.

For the treatment of the so-called hyperhidrosis, Botox might be injected into the armpits, palms, feet, and groins. When being more precise, it should be administered superficially and in large quantities in order to stop sweat secretion.

The halt of excessive sweating is achieved due to the violation of the transmission of the nerve impulse to the sweat gland. As a result, a patient notices a considerable decrease in sweat secretion for the time period that equals 4-6 months.

Please note: The degree of sweating might be determined with the help of an iodine test: the cosmetologist dryly wipes a certain area (for example, underarms), applies iodine, and after that sprinkles with starch. In those places that have strongly blackened, there is the highest concentration of sweat glands.Order Botox online

There is one essential thing that has to be mentioned when discussing the usage of Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. While injecting botulin toxin into one area (for instance, underarms), the cosmetologist should warn the patient that sweat may start to exude from another area (for example, back). However, it will happen only in extreme for the organism conditions, such as high temperatures, active sports, etc. In other cases, it should not be noticeable. As well, please keep in mind that botulin toxin can not be injected in all places at the same time, while sweating is a necessary process for controlling the body temperature.

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